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    when we do our annual “alarmed for life” program, we use MPAC data and GIS mapping and target certain years of homes in our township. 2 years ago i used the data to target all the homes built 10 -15 years ago, and guess what. almost every home we visited had an expired alarm

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    thats a little bit trickier when it comes to removing people. as for installing the smokes and CO , you just walk right in and do it, make you sure you post it on the front of the building and send a copy of the ITL to the owner. my understanding when it comes to removing people is, you are responsible for them.

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    ive used it to install smoke alarms before and remove temporary wiring from a grow op before. its pretty straight forward

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    i was able to track down 2 sparky’s for this year thankfully. but next year i want to include more schools, so i will have to find an alternative, what bears did you use?

    i was told that if you dont power them up correctly, this can happen. they have to be connected to 120 power first, then the battery activated, then the test button needs to be pushed to sync with the other units. i have been to numerous new builds with kidde alarms and in just about every one that was the case

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    i am a big fan of the door to door thing, but like i had mentioned, it hard to get guys out. pub-ed is part of their job and thats explained to them, but still get a lack-luster response. i have resorted to going out myself with a few guys whenever they can. i am just looking for new ideas and ways to get a better response from our guys in the end.

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    i seem to remember CASA having something like that.

    at the bottom there is information about ordering a side by side kit. not sure if this is what your looking for, but it might help

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    already talked to them, and they have no plans of stocking them anymore. they do have a “large” one, but its almost 3feet tall.

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    we offer extinguisher training with the BullEX ITS system. its not a very high demand item for us though. it uses stand alone water based fire extinguishers that you refill with water and pressurize with an SCBA bottle.

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    Has anybody had to deal with one yet? We have received an inquiry about one opening up locally, and we are looking what others are doing

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    i have the designation for approving fire safety plans and fire investigation duties, and i am not a deputy or a chief. it was done via a letter. if you want i have some templates for the letters i can send you.

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    so what i was told was that if they are installed properly (there is a sequence to installing and interconnecting them) they will do that. i have run into it numerous times over the last couple of months

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    we got ours through a local print shop, cost around 250 bucks. although we did design our own, most places charge extra if you want them to design it

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    yeah thats the article, we already have a program called “Home Safe Home” which is in essence the same program with a different name from what i gather. we do give out alarms and batteries to those who need them, but the higher ups were looking for a marketable name and if there was funding or support in any way. we have applied in the past and continue to apply for grants for stuff like that. i think i will just have to tweak our program we have now to include that we provide alarms and batteries to those who need them, and advertise it better

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    we are having a similar issue in a larger apartment building here, 3 stories, 42 units. at some point the latching hardware was removed from the doors, (it is evident it was there at one point) previous inspections from other prevention officers had missed the lack of hardware and i am attempting to have the owner either install approved hardware or replace the doors as required. he is arguing that they are existing, and that they have been like that for a long time. our next step i believe was going to write an order under and using the requirements of

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 61 total)