Membership Benefits

  • The O.M.F.P.O.A has nearly half a century of infrastructure and a strong history of awareness.
  • Our existing constitution provides for and promotes this type of coalition and has been approved by the O.A.F.C. and the F.M.O.
  • A partnership of this type would assist Chapters by sharing information, holding workshops at annual conferences and passing on important information to Chapter secretaries to be presented at their meetings.
  • A chapter will help maintain fire prevention, education and investigation personnel under one umbrella.
  • The O.M.F.P.O.A. has been instrumental in educational initiatives such as “Learn Not to Burn”, “Older & Wiser”, “Risk Watch” and “T.A.P.P.- C”.
  • A large number of fire prevention officers, inspectors and educators are already members of the O.M.F.P.O.A.
  • The O.M.F.P.O.A. is well known and respected throughout the province and has existing partnerships with O.A.F.C., O.F.M., N.F.P.A., F.M.P.F.S.C., O.F.L.S.E. and M.M.A.H..
  • O.M.F.P.O.A has conducted 60 conferences successfully.