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      Delbert BlakneyDelbert Blakney
      • City: Kingston
      • Department Name: Kingston Fire & Rescue

      We’ve received an inquiry as to how fire departments are handling escape rooms across the providence.  If anyone has a written policy, guideline or experience that they would like to share, please do so.  Thanks  Del

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson
      • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

      I was thinking about this after reading the article about Toronto.  Thankfully the one here in Perth has closed.  The only thing I could think of that kinda made sense is for the building to have full fire alarm system and that on activation of one of the detectors, all the lights automatically come on, exit signs light up, doors become unlocked and likely some kind of indicator for the door handle/release mechanism. Not exactly a low-buck system but considering the whole nature of them violates the Fire Code.  The other option might be to treat them somewhat like a B1


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      Has anybody had to deal with one yet? We have received an inquiry about one opening up locally, and we are looking what others are doing

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      Mike BechardMike Bechard

      Escape rooms are a great exercise in supervisory control, fire safety planning, evacuation, etc.  We worked with our local escape room (along with the Building Department (change of use)) to ensure there was adequate warning and evacuation.  We viewed the property as an assembly occupancy and ensured all requirements were met (the OBC was helpful in our circumstance).  We are treating it on a case by case basis should a new one open up.   We treat them as we would any other assembly occupancy under the OFC.

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      Tawnya RobertsTawnya Roberts

      Escape rooms are a growing trend in many municipalities- and they may pose significant fire and life safety risks. The OFMEM drafted a communique on the topic (Communique 2016-16) to assist inspectors with fire safety enforcement options and considerations in working with local Chief Building Officials.

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