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  • in reply to: Reoccurring False Carbon Monoxide Alarm #16371

    yes, we have a few instances now where battery backup sump pumps were installed, the battery overcharges and gives off sulfur, which will activate the CO alarm.

    in reply to: Electromagnetic locks (maglocks) #15107

    are these maglocks to keep the doors open or closed, if its in the closed position i would look at “(c) the locking device releases immediately upon loss of power to the fire alarm control panel or loss of power controlling the electromagnetic locking mechanism and its associated auxiliary controls,” my interpretation is that if the building itself looses power, then the maglocks would have to release.

    in reply to: smoke alarm placement #15097

    thanks Alana. funny if you go into the latest OBC appendix, it doesnt include that anymore.

    in reply to: smoke alarm placement #15049

    update: if anyone has access to NFPA 101. in the appendix. A. states that a smoke alarm should be no further than 21ft from any bedroom door.

    in reply to: probation order #14907

    good afternoon. so a brief follow up, basically in our case a probation order isnt worth the paper its written on, a person can only be charged for a breach while currently on probation, once the order expires they are released of any obligations under the probation order. We ended up having to charge the individual again with separate fire code offences, instead of a fail to comply charge. under section 32 of the FPPA we have the ability for a compliance order, which is what we should have done instead. long story short we have had to restart the entire process once again with this individual, normally one would think that after being found guilty and fined for a fail to comply that person would have had the work completed, but its been almost a year since the guilty verdict and no work has been completed.

    in reply to: Wood burning cooking appliances #14718

    im assuming this is outdoor? are these appliances listed for cooking? if they are listed, its not much different than say a charcoal bbq, or a wood pellet smoker, they still reach high temps.

    in reply to: Tracking of Lightweight Commercial Construction #14456

    we created a simple excel spreadsheet with all the information provided by the building dept. the list gets updated any time a permit is issued and distributed to our dispatch center and all our senior officers.

    in reply to: Attic hatch #14015

    Julien. just because they do not share common exit facilities does not mean 9.5 does not apply, what is the occupant load of the building? more than 10, then 9.5 would apply.

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    Julien. just because they do not share common exit facilities doe snot mean 9.5 does not apply, what is the occupant load of the building? more than 10, then 9.5 would apply.

    in reply to: Attic hatch #14011

    couple of things that might affect the rating, agreed with Robert that we need to know if 9.5 of the OFC applies, but further to that, does the attic contain any building services? does the other unit have access to the attic? is it being used for storage space? does it need detection?

    most tri-plexes i come across i have found that they have been converted from a single family dwelling at one time without a permit, you may want to considering asking the building dept if there is any history on this building.

    in reply to: Chip Truck Inspections #13763

    hey steven, email me at and i will send you what we have.

    in reply to: Chip Truck Inspections #13697

    We too have a bylaw requiring chip trucks to have a license and part of that license is to have an inspection and written letter of approval from the fire dept. thankfully all of our chip trucks are made non-mobile (wheels removed, connected to at least 2 utilities, or a trailer which is not easily moved) so we apply the fire code requirements to them. we do have a checklist that we usually accompany with our inspection, if your interested I can email it to you

    in reply to: Fire Code Compliance Affidavit #13500

    why give them the option? wouldnt it be in the best interest for both the owner and the municipality to be in there once a year? we dont have any kind of bylaw regulating short tern rentals, just curious why?

    in reply to: Kiddie 3 in 1 Smoke/Co Strobes & Red Plastic Ribbon Seals #13234

    when you say the “red plastic ribbon” are you referring to one to activate the battery?

    in reply to: Sports Complex – Glass Gate system #13201

    first I would think that a building permit is required here because you are altering a means of egress. if they havent yet, i would refer them to the building dept.

    as for door hardware, if they are outward swinging with no need to swipe, then the door hardware wouldnt be an issue. also, they are interconnected with the fire alarm to automatically unlock when the alarm is active?

    next would be the fire safety plan, the plan would have to be altered to show these gates.

    i would verify if there was a permit taken for the installation of these gates first, if they have been installed as they look like they have been, then i would request some for of documentation to show that there can be used here either from an engineer or architect.

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