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      does anyone have any leads on where you can purchase small sparky plush dolls? i just went to order from the public fire safety council, and they no longer stock them. we are looking to do a sparky sleepover program this fall with our schools. thanks

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      Christopher PaluchChristopher Paluch

      I wonder if you can get the right from NFPA somehow… Contact Laura King and she should be able to steer you in the right direction.


      [email protected]  is her email address!


      Shes the NFPA Canada person!



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      Elise OxfordElise Oxford

      Contact the fire safety council and see if they will be getting more in the future. If you cant find them you could always try printing off a large colour sparky image, cut out and laminated and use it like “Flat Stanley” for each child to take home for the program.


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      already talked to them, and they have no plans of stocking them anymore. they do have a “large” one, but its almost 3feet tall.

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson
      • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

      Saw this article this morning and remembered your question:


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      Kevin MeijerinkKevin Meijerink

      We were trying to implement the “Travelling Sparky” program but encountered the same issues.  Our Educator sourced the bears and we are carrying the program out with them instead.

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      i was able to track down 2 sparky’s for this year thankfully. but next year i want to include more schools, so i will have to find an alternative, what bears did you use?

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      Kevin MeijerinkKevin Meijerink
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