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To promote unified fire safety throughout the province.

To distribute materials for public education with respect to fire safety

To provide or endorse training, education, information for fire prevention and fire investigation activities

To advise or inform the Ontario Municipal Fire Prevention Officers Association of matters that may be important to the safety or well being of the public and members of the Fire Departments.

To abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Ontario Municipal Fire Prevention Officers Association


The members of the Chapter may be anyone who is involved with fire prevention within the Chapters area. These members should follow the O.M.F.P.O.A. classifications as follows:

Active: Member of a Fire Department

Affiliate: A person who is involved with fire prevention but not a member of a fire department.

Honourary: A person who is retired from the fire service.

Student: A person who is enrolled in a fire and life safety course of study at a recognized institution.


The executive may consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary and or Treasurer. If the format of the Chapter is not a formal one then at least a Recording Secretary or a contact must be in place so that information can be exchanged between the Chapter and the O.M.F.P.O.A. executive.

The need for an executive is for order and structure and to ensure that ethics and by-laws are followed. They are to plan the meetings, set agendas, arrange for guest speakers or information sessions.

Minutes of meetings must be forwarded to the O.M.F.P.O.A. and the executive and the chapter is to work in co-operation with the O.M.F.P.O.A.


By-Laws should be enacted and approved by the prospective Chapter. Officers should be elected and sufficient meetings held to indicate solid support for the Chapter. A copy of any by-laws, constitutions, agreements, list of officers and members must be forwarded to the provincial organization. Again, our purpose is to provide a communication link between members and chapters across the province and your documentation could be good example for others to follow.

A Charter will be issued to each Chapter as they are received.