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      i recently read an article on CBC about a S.A.F.E. program (Smoke alarms for everyone) just wondering if anyone here has any info they could share on this program? guidelines or policies? we are interested in doing something similar in my municipality.

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson
      • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

      Is this the article you are referring to? https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/thunder-bay/thunder-bay-fire-rescue-launches-safe-program-for-smoke-alarms-1.3335442

      I’m thinking it’s just Thunder Bay’s version of the smoke alarm blitz that many of us do already under various names.  A big component of it though is the combination alarms they got from Union Gas.  Enbridge does something similar in this area, we got a bunch last year and I think the BBDNE guys were successful this year in getting the grant.

      It’s been a long standing, yet unofficial program here in Perth to give out alarms as needed, install, change batteries etc. Its basically up to our discretion who we give them out to. As much as I can, I reserve them for, as the article says, lower income property owners and seniors.  I never give them out to landlords as they can write off the purchase.


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      yeah thats the article, we already have a program called “Home Safe Home” which is in essence the same program with a different name from what i gather. we do give out alarms and batteries to those who need them, but the higher ups were looking for a marketable name and if there was funding or support in any way. we have applied in the past and continue to apply for grants for stuff like that. i think i will just have to tweak our program we have now to include that we provide alarms and batteries to those who need them, and advertise it better

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