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Message from our Symposium Keynote Speaker Peter Katz

A message from our Symposium Keynote speaker Peter Katz Peter Katz is a Juno Award- and Canadian Screen Award-nominated singer-songwriter who has spent the past 20 years touring internationally. He has been described by many of his fans and speaking clients as “a thunderbolt for the soul”. A gifted storyteller fluent in English and French,

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Membership Renewal Reminder

OMFPOA Memberships expire at the end of each calendar year. As we have had ongoing website construction and upgrades being completed we have not removed any accounts that have yet to pay for 2023. Our membership continues to increase and we hope to have you as part of our association. This post is to serve

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Fire Prevention and Public Education Grant


In 2014, we introduced the Annual OMFPOA Symposium Sponsorship ProgramSince then several members have had the privilege of receiving this sponsorship which has allowed them to attend the annual symposium free of charge. With the ongoing objective of “giving back to our members”, the OMFPOA Executive would like to introduce the “Fire Prevention and Public Education Grant”.

The objective of the “Fire Prevention and Public Education Grant” is to donate three $1000.00 grants to 3 (three) fire departments in good standing with the OMFPOA.  The grant money awarded to the Fire Department is intended to be used solely for a fire prevention and public education initiative and/or program. 

The OMFPOA Executive encourages you to take advantage of this grant opportunity. We would like to assist the membership with its ongoing efforts toward “Public Education and Fire Prevention”. The grant application will be reviewed by the OMFPOA Executive and once selected, the grant money will be presented at the Annual Training and Education Symposium.

Fire Dept FPPE Grant Application Form 2023


OMFPOA Symposium Sponsorship Program


The OMFPOA Executive Officers are encouraging our members to take advantage of the “OMFPOA Symposium Sponsorship Program” for the 65th Annual Training and Education Symposium. We are also very excited to announce an additional sponsorship thanks to the generous donation by the Fire Marshals Public Fire Safety Council!


As the elected Executive we continue to place our members first, and give back where we can in addition to the other ongoing efforts. In 2014 we introduced the “Annual OMFPOA Symposium Sponsorship Program”, since then several members have had the privilege of receiving this sponsorship which has allowed them to attend the annual symposium free of charge.
Once again we have the opportunity to provide this sponsorship that will cover the cost of the Symposium registration fee and accommodations at the Delta London Armories Hotel for three (3) separate members of a Municipal Fire Departments Fire Prevention Division. Transportation costs to and from the Symposium will not be covered.
This opportunity will allow the selected member to create new networking bridges with hopes it will enhance their initiatives and programs within their community while obtaining the valuable information that will be shared at the annual symposium.

Fire Dept Symposium Sponsorship Application Form 2023