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    youtube has quite a few of them

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    i can only imagine how much of the stuff the larger schools are going to be stockpiling!

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    although  (2) Except as otherwise stated in this part, this section does not apply to

    (e) alcohol-based hand sanitizer products that have a capacity of not more than 1.2 L and that are in use, or

    (f)   products that contain no more than 50% by volume of water-miscible flammable liquids or combustible liquids, with the remainder of the solution being non-flammable, that are stored in closed containers with a capacity of not more than 5 L.

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    subsection 4.2.6

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    with our version of ICO (Beeon) in theory we should be able to use it on a tablet as it is cloud based. but apparently they have a specific mobile app that allows you to capture images and add them to the inspection file, as well as completing an order in the field and emailing it right away. im not sure of any other features as i dont believe we signed up for the mobile portion of our prevention module.

    we are going with ICO technologies. its been in the works for almost 2 years now and i am just seeing the prevention portion of it now. Cornwall uses it and i think London as well. from what ive seen of it so far its alright. its a little tricky to understand everything due to the fact the company is based out of Quebec and they had to translate everything to english. it is supposed to have a mobile portion that i dont think we signed up for.

    i don’t believe the term “origin, cause and determination” gets used as much anymore, when i received my fire investigator training we were taught its the “cause origin and circumstances regarding a fire”, i believe this wording allows you a little more wiggle room when it comes to noting things like code deficiencies. any time i’ve worked with an investigator from the OFM, they do spend quite a bit of time finding smoke alarms and performing testing to see if they were functional at a fire, if the dept was unwilling to pursue any charges, they will and have contacted someone at inspections and enforcement branch and will have someone come down and pursue charges, as investigators are not delegated as an assistant to the fire marshal

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    i had received an email from Dr. Paul, our Chief medical officer, saying this question had been posed to him from several FPO’s. he had forwarded the concerns to the EOC, and that there would be exemptions announced shortly, but that was on April 18th. and havent heard anything since.

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    we have one template that i will forward to whoever needs a template. I’ve only ever had one person who didn’t have Word to be able to do it, so i had it printed off and they filled it out by hand. when they submit a fsp, i will take either electronic or paper copy, every fsp review gets a checklist completed with it and a copy of it is given back to the owner and i keep a copy. i actually just finished writing an SOG for fire safety plans

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    new communique 2020-09


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    right, being that i don’t have a lot of experience with kalamein doors, and the research that i do on them comes back that a good majority of kalamein doors did come with tags. there are also requirements for it to be considered a kalamein door (gauge of metal and construction of interior portion of the door) if the door that’s installed is just a hollow door that someone bent some sheet metal over and installed it, does it actually meet the requirements of being a kalamein door? there’s a little more to it.

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    same thing, told to cancel anything for the next couple of weeks, emergencies only. im actually working from home right now because i am just getting over a cold, should be returning to the office in a day or so

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    we purchased one through a local vendor, we did the design (thankfully we have someone who is good with that) and forwarded it to them. i can send you a picture of what it looks like if you want. price was decent as well, i think it was around the 200 dollar mark

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