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      John LakeJohn Lake

      Hello,  I am looking to see if other departments offer live fire (Drager propane unit) Extinguisher training? In the past we would take our trainer to the organization that we were training. We started receiving more and more complaints regarding the Dry Chemical extinguishing agent blowing everywhere.

      Wondering if other Departments still offer live fire training or if most have gone with the Bull-Ex type of computer trainer? If you still offer live fire training, how do you deal with the issue of the powder?



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      Denise RoseDenise Rose
      • City: London
      • Department Name: London Fire Department


      Ottawa does offer live fire training with a Drager unit, but since our purchase of a Bullex unit most of our requests are for the Bullex unit.  When we offer the propane unit we request that the organization supply the fire extinguishers, a place/parking lot large enough and an indoor location for the in-class session.  the training is weather dependent and we only use the unit May 1 – Nov 1.


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      we offer extinguisher training with the BullEX ITS system. its not a very high demand item for us though. it uses stand alone water based fire extinguishers that you refill with water and pressurize with an SCBA bottle.

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson
      • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

      We have one of the propane / live fire ones (don’t know the manufacture) and use it with plain water extinguishers. We simply control the fire with the switch.  Does the trick, no mess to clean up and easy to refill the silver bullets.  We do point out that it is a training simulation and not actually the proper extinguisher for the job. We probably do at least a dozen sessions a year.

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