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2024 Symposium – Hold the Date

After our very successful Symposiums in London, we did not have a department or chapter volunteer to host the 2024 Symposium. Your executive team has been working hard to ensure the Symposium would go on. We have now secured a venue. The 2024 Symposium will be held in Richmond Hill, at the Sheraton Parkway Toronto

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Holiday Safety with Laura King

Here is the link for the combined OAFE/OMFPOA workshop with NFPA’s Laura King tomorrow:–grjkpHtTooEpKqni5O6cyuBX8zWPz

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The Canada Fire Engineering Summit

The Canada Fire Engineering Summit is a full day of important information about Li-ion batteries and storage systems, Federal and Provincial code harmonization, new technologies and initiatives in Fire Protection, and Building Life Safety Failures. Four panels of experts providing insight and information, which includes our very own president, Vince Tripp. It happens on Tuesday,

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Active Membership is available to professionals currently working in the field of fire prevention, fire education, and fire investigation within a municipal fire department in the province of Ontario. Professionals actively performing fire prevention duties in industry, government and institutions shall be eligible for Active Membership as well.

Active Membership means fire department or fire service.
Once the department has retained an Active Membership, individuals can sign up for website access.

Benefits of Active Membership include:

  • The O.M.F.P.O.A has nearly half a century of infrastructure and a strong history of awareness.
  • Our existing constitution provides for and promotes this type of coalition and has been approved by the O.A.F.C. and the F.M.O.
  • A partnership of this type would assist Chapters by sharing information, holding workshops at annual conferences and passing on important information to Chapter secretaries to be presented at their meetings.
  • A chapter will help maintain fire prevention, education and investigation personnel under one umbrella.
  • The O.M.F.P.O.A. has been instrumental in educational initiatives such as “Learn Not to Burn”, “Older & Wiser”, “Risk Watch” and “T.A.P.P.- C”.
  • A large number of fire prevention officers, inspectors and educators are already members of the O.M.F.P.O.A.
  • The O.M.F.P.O.A. is well known and respected throughout the province and has existing partnerships with O.A.F.C., O.F.M., N.F.P.A., F.M.P.F.S.C., O.F.L.S.E. and M.M.A.H..
  • O.M.F.P.O.A has conducted over 60 conferences successfully.


Active Membership Registration Fee per Department: $150.00/year

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