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      good afternoon everyone, i have a bit of a weird situation here with a probation order that was attached to a guilty verdict of an offender. back in March, i had laid a charge of fail to comply with an inspection order, the person was found to be guilty and fined $10,000. in addition a probation order was placed on the individual that he had to have the work completed by a certain date. well that date has now passed. I approached the crown about charging with a breach of probation and was told that the individual can ONLY be charged while the probation order is in effect, and that they would not pursue charges. however under the POA we can charge from up to 6 months from the date of offence, would the date of offence not be the date that probation order expired? i have approached our local OPP and asked their opinion and they are only familiar with charging for a breach when a probation order is in effect. has anyone every had a similar experience with a probation order and proceeding with a breach charge?

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