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      John WilsonJohn Wilson
      • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

      Hello All,

      What does everyone do for FSP templates and review process? Mine template is MS Word format that I email to them and specifically want it emailed back so I can comment electronically – it’s so much faster, more convenient and why waste the paper before the final version.

      I’ve now had a few owners now come back that they have difficulty filling them out – they don’t have Word so the formatting doesn’t work on whatever program they are trying to use. One person asked for a fillable pdf but as we all know, there is zero customizing once the form is made which completely defeats the purpose of the FSP. Another was trying to use Word Perfect – we chuckled at that one, good thing he’s a good sport and one of my better property managers. A couple others have printed my template and filled it out what they could by hand.

      I’ve tried to make it as easy as I could for the owner and also simplify the process for me but evidently there are some flaws in my process.

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      we have one template that i will forward to whoever needs a template. I’ve only ever had one person who didn’t have Word to be able to do it, so i had it printed off and they filled it out by hand. when they submit a fsp, i will take either electronic or paper copy, every fsp review gets a checklist completed with it and a copy of it is given back to the owner and i keep a copy. i actually just finished writing an SOG for fire safety plans

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      Steve FowldsSteve Fowlds

      we have templates intended for small business such as restaurants and daycares.  In the event someone couldn’t use our template or didn’t want to, they can always hire a contractor or create their own.

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      Denise RoseDenise Rose
      • City: London
      • Department Name: London Fire Department

      Good Morning,

      OMFPOA created a template that was reviewed and commented on by the OFM.  Currently requires some code updates.  I will get it updated and put back on the site.

      Stay safe


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      Jacquie Hill-BowerJacquie Hill-Bower

      Hi Jon

      If you have a fairly simple text document without a lot of graphics, you may be able to have your customers edit the document in WordPad. WordPad is a basic word processor that is included with almost all versions of Microsoft Windows from Windows 95 onwards.

      In order for WordPad to open a Word document, the Word document must have a .docx file extension.  The formatting may change somewhat but it will allow for editing and the ability for your customers to send the plan back to you electronically.  Not a perfect solution but it may work.

      Kind Regards, Jacquie

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