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    Martyn PaygeMartyn Payge

    Same here in Burk’s Falls, we do not charge for inspections or fire drill observations, as we are mandated.
    In addition to what Rob has said, they are tax payers too.

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    Martyn PaygeMartyn Payge


    Unfortunately, the wireless smoke alarms are not recognized by the OBC or OFC.
    We have come across these type of units.

    We have ordered for the alarms to be hardwired & interconnected as per the code ref: as referenced by

    Justifying decision:
    Did you mean or ??
    I guess the question here would be, can they prove the buildings seen as a care occupancy as is was read in the building code in 1998?
    I would not recommend as an option.

    I hope this helps.


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    Martyn PaygeMartyn Payge

    We are going through something similar at the moment.

    Did you or could you make an application to the superior court under the FPPA s. 32 Compliance Order?

    Our case was failing to comply with FSIO’s.
    The appellant pleading guilty to the offences when he failed to comply with the orders in front of the judge. We applied to the superior court for a ‘Compliance Order’ FPPA s. 32.

    The appellant has till the end of May to comply with this order. Our lawyer devised us that if the appellant fails to comply with the judges order, we go back to the superior court to notify them that he has not complied.

    what happens then is a bit of a mystery, as we do not know anyone that has been through this, or got this far.

    I will advise our group of the outcome when we get to that stage, as we can see the appellant has not made any attempt to comply.

    I hope this helps.

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    Martyn PaygeMartyn Payge

    Hi there Vince,

    The above conversation has pretty much covered everything and is very good advice.

    In addition to the above, I have found the ‘Photo Registry’ for all inspection and investigations a handy tool. We do not normally give this document to the clients/owners, we keep it more for our records. Although, in some cases on inspections, we have given it to the clients/owners. It has helped them understand what we are trying to have them achieve in gaining compliance with the fire code. With regards to investigations, it helps explain what you are looking at and when submitted to OFM investigators, insurance investigators, it has been well received.

    Also, it can be admissible as evidence if one has to go to court.

    As Darren said, just adding my pennies worth.

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