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      Note taking always seems to be the topic of discussion when something goes wrong. Did you take good notes, do you have notes, or do you not have to do notes? So, let’s try and be pro-active and make it work. We are reviewing our current policy on note taking and I thought I would see what everyone is doing and how. In the fire service, there seems to be no “one standard” on note taking.

      What I would like to ask is how are your notes taken? Do you use a duty book and then transfer over to a computer system? Do you use a note pad and your notes go into a property file (hard copy). So if you don’t mind taking the time to let me know what your department is doing, it would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Do your inspectors use duty books to take notes during inspections?
      2. Do your inspectors use note pads with FD logo on it to take notes?
      3. Do your inspectors use an investigation note book for fire investigations?
      4. Do the inspectors notes (hard copy) go into a property file?
      5. Are the inspectors only required to put their notes into a computer system?
      6. What form of note taking does your department use?

      One final question, do your suppression crews use duty books to document their emergency responses?

      Thanks to everyone in advance.

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