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    Charles TurpinCharles Turpin

    I followed-up with my ESA contact he sent this to me.

    The reporting web site is –

    And a contcat person –

    Dan Cheddi

    Harm Mitigation Technologist

    Electrical Safety Authority

    155A Matheson Blvd. West, Mississauga, ON L5R 3L5

    Tel: 905-712-7834


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    Charles TurpinCharles Turpin


    You could try the local ESA inspector

    I communicated with ESA, October of 2018 and that time the local inspector had the issue taken over by ESA Product Safety division.


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    Charles TurpinCharles Turpin


    OBC states to cove unless (5) is meet

    according to Blazemaster

    Exposed Installation- General (UL & C-UL)
    In accordance with the UL and C-UL Listings, BlazeMaster pipe and fittings
    may be installed without protection (exposed), subject to the following
    additional limitations:
    Note: NFPA standards permit the omission of automatic sprinklers in areas
    such as small closets and bathrooms. Where sprinklers are not required,
    and when approved by the authority having jurisdiction, it is acceptable
    to install BlazeMaster products exposed in these areas.
    Note: Where piping is required to be mounted directly to the ceiling/wall,
    the use of listed hangers for thermoplastic sprinkler piping mounted directly
    to the ceiling/wall is permitted. The resulting clearance between
    the pipe and the ceiling/wall as a function of using the listed hanger is

    Page 8          Link to full document  –

    Read Page 10 an more for the installation

    The exposed installation is more involved

    The one question is this a NFPA 13 , 13D or 13R install can change the requirements


    in reply to: Wendy Krebsz – Update #1986
    Charles TurpinCharles Turpin

    Our thoughts are with both of you. Welland Fire and Emergency Services are thinking of you!

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    Charles TurpinCharles Turpin

    I would refer back to NFPA 13R Standard for installation of sprinklers systems in residential occupancies up to and including four stories in height 2010 edition
    Chapter 5 System components – section 5.2 Above ground Piping And Equipment that refers to the table 5.2.1 or accordance to 5.2.2
    Table 5.2.1 speaks to the pipe being made of a metal. Where When nonmetallic pipe is used, the pipe shall be designed to withstand a working pressure of not less than 175 psi (12.1 bar) at 120F (49C)
    and 5.2.2 Types of pipe other than those specified in Table 5.2.1 shall be permitted to be used where listed for sprinkler system use.
    And read on in section 5.2.2
    I short if the owner could prove that the pipe meets the NFPA criteria then yes

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