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      Darren ZettlerDarren Zettler

      Looking for information on whether ‘blazemaster’ orange sprinkler pipe must be enclosed or otherwise protected or concealed. Seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there.

      Building inspector says needs protection, contractor says it doesn’t. Have looked at the technical manual and it has provisions for both.

      I don’t have a copy of ULC/ORD 199 to read but it seems to be a key document of approving without drywall etc.


      Any help would be appreciated.

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      Charles TurpinCharles Turpin
      • City: Port Colborne


      OBC states to cove unless (5) is meet

      according to Blazemaster

      Exposed Installation- General (UL & C-UL)
      In accordance with the UL and C-UL Listings, BlazeMaster pipe and fittings
      may be installed without protection (exposed), subject to the following
      additional limitations:
      Note: NFPA standards permit the omission of automatic sprinklers in areas
      such as small closets and bathrooms. Where sprinklers are not required,
      and when approved by the authority having jurisdiction, it is acceptable
      to install BlazeMaster products exposed in these areas.
      Note: Where piping is required to be mounted directly to the ceiling/wall,
      the use of listed hangers for thermoplastic sprinkler piping mounted directly
      to the ceiling/wall is permitted. The resulting clearance between
      the pipe and the ceiling/wall as a function of using the listed hanger is

      Page 8          Link to full document  –

      Read Page 10 an more for the installation

      The exposed installation is more involved

      The one question is this a NFPA 13 , 13D or 13R install can change the requirements


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      John WilsonJohn Wilson
      • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

      Contractor and/or manufacture won’t trump the OBC. As Charles quoted  “Where sprinklers are not required, and when approved by the authority having jurisdiction, it is acceptable to install BlazeMaster products exposed in these areas.”  But before you even get to the OBC  that he mentioned, ‘Combustible sprinkler piping shall be used only for wet systems in residential occupancies and other light hazard occupancies.’ must be satisfied.  There are many factors in play to determine if it needs to be protected:

      New construction or existing building?

      Does it meet that clause?

      If it’s new, what’s the OBC building classification (3.2.2.x.) ?

      Are they installing sprinklers as an Alternative Measure to something or are they installing because it is required to be sprinklered?

      Building Inspector is likely considering many more factors than the contractor.

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