NFPA COVID-19 Webinar Series

This week, NFPA will host a series of free webinars, featuring Shawn Mahoney, Robert Solomon, and Kevin Carr, to provide stakeholders with critical information on managing during the COVID-19 pandemic. We need your help to spread the word! If you use your personal social media channels to share professional information, please share NFPA’s recent social posts about the webinars on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Or create your own posts that point to the page linked above. Here is some sample wording; feel free to add your own personal touch, and copy the image here to include in your post. Thank you!

  • Here’s a great way to hear directly from NFPA technical staff on some of the pandemic fire and life safety issues.
  • We are (NFPA is) pumping out lots of info around COVID-19 – if you have questions check out this webinar series.
  • Exciting news! NFPA is adding live Q&A with some of our experts to talk on pandemic issues.