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The Ontario Fire College is revamping the NFPA 1031-I course into a blended version. As part of that process the team working on the course is developing several practical exercises. In the online portion of the course there will be at least two “simulated” inspection type case study assignments. To improve the student experience, they

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Passing of Assistant Division Chief Madelaine Crevier

We received the sad message below from Brampton Fire and Emergency Services. Condolences from the OMFPOA and our members to the family of Assistant Division Chief Madelaine Crevier, and Brampton Fire and Emergency Services.    It is with a heavy heart that I must convey the news of the passing of Assistant Division Chief Madelaine

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Fire Prevention Week – Canadian Style (video)

On July 19th, Laura King talked about the 2023 edition of ‘Fire Prevention Week’, with the theme: Cooking Safety Starts With You. Pay attention to Fire Prevention. This session focused specifically on Canadian content, and where you can find information in both English and French. Find the video here

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Partner with the OFM for the unveiling of our new hard-hitting public service announcement

The Office of the Fire Marshal (OFM) will unveil a new, hard-hitting public service announcement (PSA) showing the fatal consequences of not having working smoke alarms.
The Cause for Alarm video, a fictitious 911 call involving a fatal home fire where a mother and child lost their lives, is emotionally raw and gut-wrenching.
The fact that this home had no working smoke alarms is indeed a major cause for alarm.

As of September 14th, the province has lost 86 people in fires; consequentially, communities have lost mothers, fathers, grandparents and children.  As you are aware, often, these deaths are preventable.  Like you, the OFM is concerned that Ontarians are not getting the message about fire safety, and it is our hope this hard-hitting PSA can help change the attitudes around working smoke alarms.

As partners in fire safety, collectively, we can help Ontarians understand that only working smoke alarms save lives.  On September 28th, we’ll premiere the video on our social media channel at 9 AM EST.  We want as many Ontarians as possible to see this important public message.  That’s why we’re asking all our partners in fire services to be part of this premier event by also sharing the video on their social media platforms on September 28th at 9 AM EST.  Our reach through collective action cannot be underestimated.  If we all work together, we can get this video trending, ensuring as many Ontarians as possible see this life-saving public announcement.

We’ve made it simple. You can find the instructions and download the video on our SharePoint site by clicking here.

To request access to the OFM’s SharePoint site, complete the OFM SharePoint Registration Form.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the OFM with questions or if you need help facilitating your participation at ofm.pubed@ontario.ca.

Together, we can work towards a fire safe Ontario.