New Fire Marshal’s Directives

Three new Directives from the Fire Marshal may be found at this link.

Fire Departments are now required by the Fire Marshal to conduct inspections upon complaint and request.

The requirement to conduct a requested inspection relates only to those matters that involve the Chief Fire Official.

Fire Departments must now conduct annual inspections of all care, care and treatment and retirement home occupancies.

Those inspections must use the Fire Marshal’s inspection checklist.

Fire Departments must now assist all the above occupancies in developing a scenario for an observed fire drill.

Fire Departments must now observe the above fire drills.

Records of all inspections and observed fire drills must be provided to the OFM within a specified time period.

Where a complaint is received about a care, care and treatment or retirement home occupancy, a record of that complaint inspection must now be provided to the OFM in a specified time period.