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    George MacrisGeorge Macris

    Hi Steve,

    I would assume your concern of selling fireworks would be the social distancing issues, I can’t think of anything else. The FPPA interprets fire safety basically: if a potential fire or carbon monoxide can seriously endanger the safety of any person. The issuance of an Order will need to contain info regarding fire and/or CO safety.  I don’t think there is any way you can issue an Order to stop the sales of fireworks. If you have a fireworks permit process it would be reasonable to say that the fire safety aspect is looked after. If your By-law does not contain any provisions where the Chief can refuse a firewoks permit, I don’t believe you can ban it. If your By-law is silent about brick and mortar retailers there is nothing you can do to prevent them from selling and using.


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    George MacrisGeorge Macris

    Hi Jon,

    If the exterior stair serves a required exit then these stairs are considered  a “fire escape” and need to apply all the requirements as mentioned in

    If the exterior stairs does not serve a required exit then you don’t apply any of the requirements in That all you have to worry about.

    The requirement for protection of openings on the building wall is to prevent a fire from breaking through the openings and preventing occupants from exiting via the fire escape. If this is not a fire escape because it does not serve a required exit there is no need for protection according to the code because it’s not a required exit, technically it can be blocked off.

    I’m not sure why Rob above is asking you to obtain an engineer’s report for the exterior wall. Why would a wall have a fire resistance rating and furthermore this has nothing to do with the subject matter, it’s not applicable. We don’t even have the right to ask for an engineers report, what reference you are going to use? Also a fire escape is permitted to be installed under;we are not enforcing the OBC on a new building, that’s the Building Department.

    Keep safe,


    George MacrisGeorge Macris

    Hi Len,

    in Markham we have a guide to help out residents on how to legalize their existing second unit if they wish to do so. We have steps/procedures outlined for them when the second unit has been built prior or post July 1994.

    See Markham Fire Dept link to guide

    On page 6 of the guide we have information on how to convert back to a single family dwelling as follows:

    Converting Back to One-Dwelling Unit Home
    You have the option to convert back to one dwelling unit home at any time and not go through the
    process of legalizing your second dwelling unit, by completing ALL of the following:
     all tenants/occupants must be removed from one of the dwelling units,
     The locks separating the two dwelling units shall be removed and replaced with
    passage sets,
     Stove in the second unit is to be removed,
     Contact your Fire Prevention officer for a site visit to confirm the above,
     Complete the “Single Family Dwelling Unit Declaration” form in Appendix C and
    provide to the Fire Prevention Officer.


    Take care,


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    George MacrisGeorge Macris

    Hi Nicholas,

    Retrofit is a little different than other sections of the Fire Code.  You need to read it carefully and enforce only what it says and nothing more. The purpose of retrofit is to upgrade the construction to a higher  safety standard with the least amount of work and expenses. doesn’t state anything about a tag. As long as the door functions properly, has a self closing device with existing metal frames you meet the requirement. If you notice it doesn’t even ask for rated frames  as long as they are metal. Similarly with the self closing device, it doesn’t need to be rated if existing as long as there is one there.

    You don’t need to evaluate any other items that JoeG stated above. The requirement on the installation of the door is based on only.






    in reply to: FPPA #10857
    George MacrisGeorge Macris

    Thanks Nicholas and Jon for the information.

    We have many single family homes  converted to rooming houses. As may as 15 occupants and many of them having just a curtain for separating one sleeping room from the other. No exits from basement and second floor, they use the common stairs in the middle of the house. No fire separations,  no smokes or COs. The owner is overseas and have language barrier with occupants.

    Based in these conditions I would like to go in and install the smoke and COs and remove the people from the basement. But how is this organized? Do I just enter one day and start installing the smokes and COs?  What about removing the basement occupants, where do they stay? Do they need to know in advance that they are being removed?  Its all the preparation to implement this which I’m not familiar with.


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