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      Hello everyone,
      we are about to undertake the development of our Fire Department Mater Fire Plan and we are trying to address as many issues as possible. An area that we are looking at obtaining more information is the relationship between building departments and the fire prevention division. Currently we do not have a dedicated plans examiner and our FPO conducts all of the reviews. Once the plans have been approved the Inspectors conduct the inspections.

      We are trying to stream line this process and get our building departments assistance to make things flow easier and more cost effective. I was wondering if you could take the time and answer the following questions for me. You can either post your answers here or email them to me, whatever works best for you.

      1. Are your fire inspectors certified as building inspectors?
      2. Do your fire inspectors conduct plans review?
      3. Do your fire inspectors conduct inspections on new construction / alterations (building permit issued)?
      4. Does your building department pay the wages of your fire inspectors that do plans review? (Are they paid an hourly rate by the building department for their services?)
      5. Does your building department cover the cost of BCIN courses, building codes, exams and annual certification?

      Thanks in advance for all your help?

      On another note, I want to thank everyone for sharing their comments and thoughts on the Forum!

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