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Paul HuntPaul Hunt

Currently, Oshawa only requires a License for those wishing to sell Fireworks from a temporary sales location (trailer, not tents). Below is the link to our By-Law.
We may be in the process of changing the by-law as we only had 4 applications for the License last year but discovered many more retailers (Costco, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Bargain Stores, and convenience stores) selling fireworks that were not complying with the Explosive Regulations 2013.
By-Law Enforcement was not inspecting these locations, as they are not the AHJ, so essentially retailers were able to operate without complying with the Regulations.
Our CFPO has now sent this back to Legal for their opinion.
We are proceeding with charges against one retailer who failed to comply with the Federal Regulations after we informed him that his location was in violation of these Regs.