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Toronto utilizes IPADS with a web based “ONE STEP” software version for the fire prevention. Version 8.1 IPADs. Various apps (city approved) such as google maps etc. In use since 2014 approx. IPAD has a 9 1/2 inch screen with 12 gb capacity.

– Timing out issues with the software
– Printing is an issue until recently where only 4 locations can be selected by Inspectors to print
– Ergonomically difficult
– Inspectors prefer the desk top version of the software and not the web base
– Inspection details with software – updates every hour so any inputs such as complaints, referrals, etc information will be delayed so usually Captains will assign it and send an email so the information doesn’t get missed.

– Excellent for photos
– Mapping is excellent to avoid papercuts from the paperback map books
– Access to instant information such as Ontario Fire Code, NFPA, etc