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Duncan RydallDuncan Rydall

Wendy Krebsz Update.

Wendy is so overwhelmed by the support shown to us during this time. SCFPOA balloon provides music and encouragement, Thanks SCFPOA.
Wendy has had her second Chemo treatment and her weight has stabilized; she has very little nausea so far. I gave Wendy her new haircut as it was falling out rapidly. She now calls me a “Hippie”; her sense of humour is intact.
Wendy’s hurdle is getting her calcium to level off; her liver is pulling it out of her bones and dumping it into her blood. This is a life threating process so to combat it she is on IV drip daily to flush out the calcium.
Juiced vegetables is the choice food for her and she has just started eating eggs as the Doctor ordered more protein.
Wendy would love to hear or see words of encouragement on Facebook “Wendy Wellness” page as I have posted pictures on there and post updates regularly.
Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers,
Duncan Rydall