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Joseph GardinerJoseph Gardiner

Hello Paul,
North Bay Fire Department Requirements:
• There must be at least one person on site that has successfully completed training in NFPA 96 and approved by our office.
• Documentation (either on report or bill of sale) must describe the deficient areas of a commercial hood system.
• Documentation must not be provided that indicates only a portion of the system was cleaned to NFPA 96 because the entire system must be cleaned to be in compliant with NFPA 96.
• All areas are checked for cleanliness – Service providers must clean surfaces to bare metal.
• Roof and external areas must be maintained free of grease and deposits.
• There must be some type of grease containment unit on the roof if the unit does not possess the capability of containing grease.
• Listed inspection ports shall be installed so that the entire system can be cleaned and inspected. NO more than 15 foot runs or at every 90 degree elbow should exist without an inspection report.
• The duct must be a sealed system and has to be water tight.

We have an internal policy basically outlining these requirements.

Joe Gardiner