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Capstone Development & Training is committed to helping your people grow, succeed and enter the field with confidence.

Our unique design approach balances theory with practical, hands-on learning – your members will complete real-to-life, job relevant tasks through scenario-based training.

Capstone uses workbook style learning to teach by doing and focus on real-world learning exercises – the fun (and effective) stuff!

Learn. Develop. Do


Capstone is owned and operated by Angela McKenna. Angela served as a police officer for 15 years and taught the academic side of policing to officers for 6 of those years.  Here Angela introduced modern adult learning principles into police education by using scenario-based learning methods. Prior to this role, she developed internal policy and conducted audits among other investigative roles. Through these roles Angela has developed a strong understanding of the connection between standards, proper documentation and training toward field competencies.

Angela is an Adjunct Instructor at the Ontario Fire College and currently instructs for Fanshawe College in the Fire Prevention program. Angela has also worked with numerous Fire Services instructing both the Suppression and Prevention sides.

Angela holds 2 degrees – B.A in Sociology and B.Ed in Adult Education. She also teaches at the college level and in Degree programs and has been a part of various seminars at the Fire College.

Angela creates sessions where learners leave with a boost in confidence because they have learned in class how to master the skills needed in their workplace!



Services in:

  • Policy/Procedure & Employee Handbook Development
  • Process or Procedural Auditing
  • Business Communications

Specialized Training in:

  • POA Form Completion
  • Powers and Authorities under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act
  • Entry Warrant Completion

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Angela McKenna
Owner, Capstone Development & Training