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Eastern Ontario Association of Fire
Training Opportunity
NFPA 1033
Qualifications for Fire Investigators
“Session 3 – Part 1 of 2”
Topic: NFPA 1033 – 16 Topics Explained

An overview of NFPA 1033 16 required topics and how they are used in fire investigations.

Participants: All those who are currently involved or new in fire investigations.

Tristan Delorme, B.Sc, B.A.Sc – Forensic EIT with Origin and Cause
Mike Ross – Fire Investigator with Ontario Fire Marshal’s Office

• Session 1 – January 23rd, 2019
• Session 2 – March 27th, 2019
• Session 3 – November 19th, 2019 – This session will be broken into two parts. Second part will take place in January 2020.

Where: Smiths Falls Memorial Community Centre, 71 Cornelia St., Smith Falls

Time: 0830hrs – 1630hrs

Cost: $60.00 per Session (includes catered lunch) Paid at Door by Cheque, Cash or E-transfer.

In order to plan for venue and catering, please advise if you will be attending to Clinton Debroy

Why Attend
NFPA 1033 JPR’s (Job Performance Requirements) must be met for qualification as a fire investigator. Knowledge of all 16 Topics from NFPA 1033 will help you achieve this qualification. For those who already are certified, you will benefit from continuing education as required by NFPA 1033 1.3.8 “ The fire investigator shall remain current in the topics listed in 1.3.7 by attending formal education courses, workshops, and seminars and/or through professional publications and journals.”

All 16 topics will be covered by an array of professionals who have countless years of experience. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to meet two of our special presenters who will cover electrical fires and how we can detect, analyze and either confirm or eliminate it as a cause of the fire, and fire modeling and its benefits in fire investigations.

Learning Objectives:
The student learner will have an understanding of the 16 Topics (outlined below) as required from NFPA 1033 – “Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire Investigator”.
Session 1 – Competed
Session 2 – Completed
Session 3 – Part 1 November 19th – Electrical Fires and Computer Fire Modeling
Part 2- January 2020
Completion of all sessions will achieve the following:

  1. Fire science
  2. Fire chemistry
  3. Thermodynamics
  4. Thermometry
  5. Fire dynamics
  6. Explosion dynamics
  7. Computer fire modeling
  8. Fire investigation
  9. Fire analysis
    10.Fire investigation methodology
    11.Fire investigation technology
    12.Hazardous materials
    13.Failure analysis and analytical tools
    14.Fire protection systems
    15.Evidence documentation, collection, and preservation
    16.Electricity and electrical systems
    08:30 HRS TO 16:30 HRS
    Registration Fee: $60.00 per Session
    Name: ______________________________________________
    (as you would like it to appear on your certificate)
    Address: ______________________________________________
    (# and Street) (City / Town) (Postal Code)
    Phone: ______________________________________________
    (office) (cell)
    Email: ______________________________________________
    (business email)
    Municipality: _________________________________________
    Please make cheques payable to: “Eastern Ontario Association of Fire Investigators” Payment due at door. Registration due on November 15th 2019.
    Include the email and name of the municipality or person who will be receiving the receipt. Please leave blank if the person above is receiving the receipt.
    Any questions, or to email your registration, please contact Clinton Debroy at or phone at 613-548-4001 ext. 5120