Origin And Cause 6th Annual National Tour – Equipment Failures and Component Malfunctions Recorded Webinar

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Charged For Life Symposium Registration Now Open

Registration is now open for The Office of the Fire Marshal’s Charged for LiFE (Lithium-ion Fire Education) symposium. Like most jurisdictions, Ontario has not been immune to the increasing number of fires and explosions caused by lithium-ion battery-powered devices. It is critical to bring experts together to discuss the challenges associated with lithium-ion batteries, understand

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OFM Provincial Public Educators’ Update

OFM Provincial Public Educators’ Update You are invited to join a Provincial Public Educator’s Update with the OFM’s Public Education & Communications team on March 27, 2024 at 1:00pm. This one-hour, virtual meeting will include an update on 2024 campaigns and initiatives as well as reflection on highlights from 2023. The latter part of the call

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OMFPOA Membership Survey. Win $100 clothing credit.

  This was sent out to members last week by email , we are posting it on the website as well to ensure all members get a chance to respond to the survey. Dear OMFPOA Members, As President of the Ontario Municipal Fire Prevention Officers Association, it is my privilege to reach out to you.

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For all those members who might have missed out on this great opportunity, especially those that cater to Fire Investigations!

Origin and Cause has allowed us to share recordings from their 6th Annual National Tour. The webinar session was on “Equipment Failures and Component Malfunctions.” There are five (5) videos that can be found at this link https://bit.ly/nationaltour2022 

They deal with CCRL Regina Refinery Explosion/Electrical Failures and Malfunctions/Mechanical Failures and Malfunctions/Material Failures and Malfunctions & Structural Failures.