OAFC Past President comes to Mississauga!



Welcome to Mississauga Fire Prevention!

Welcome to Mississauga Fire Prevention!

OMFPOA Director Karin Roskam is very excited to welcome Mississauga’s new Fire Chief Tim Beckett!

Chief Beckett was formally the fire chief for the City of Kitchener.

He is a former President of the Ontario Association of Fire Chiefs, where he represented the chief officers of almost 462 fire departments across Ontario.

“My first year as a Director with the OMFPOA, I had the opportunity to work with Chief Beckett when he was the OAFC President.  He was always very open with us and was a great communicator. I am looking forward to what ideas he may bring forth for our department, but especially for fire prevention and public education. We’re looking forward to ways Chief Beckett will help of us stay safer where we live, work, learn and play!” Karin Roskam, Training Officer, Mississauga Fire.