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Dave BakerDave Baker

We have a noise bylaw that restricts the detonation of all fireworks. http://www.orillia.ca/en/livinginorillia/resources/Noisebylaw.pdf
The bylaw allows for a person (or entity) to make application for an exemption. We currently only have 2, Canada Day and our winter carnival. Both are “display firework” presentations. We recently had a city resident make application for a “consumer fireworks” presentation which was received as informational by council. In effect it was a denial of the exemption.

We also have a policy under our Policy manual that sets out the requirements for qualifications required for a Display fireworks presentation:

THAT all firework displays within the City of Orillia adhere to the following conditions:

1. A qualified fireworks supervisor shall make application to the Orillia Fire Department that is to include:

a) Name of the supervisor, associated firework certificate number (including expiry date), and level of qualification

b) Event sponsor, including name, address and contact information

c) Proposed location, date and time of display

d) Site plan, and

e) Proof of insurance.

2. All aspects of the fireworks display shall be approved and monitored by the Fire Chief or his designate(s).

3. Individuals responsible for the set-up, operation, dismantling, clean up, storage and transportation of display fireworks for an approved event shall be certified in conformance with the latest edition of the Display Fire Works Manual.

4. The operation of the display shall be in conformance with Chapter 3 of the most current edition of the Display Fire Works Manual.

5. All other activities associated with a fireworks display shall be in conformance with the most current edition of the Display Fire Works Manual.

I hope this helps.