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We found a mural for an exit door that resembled a bookshelf for a nursing home last year that we had removed. Referred to as “Exit Diversion” for Alzheimer / dementia residents / patients. Our fire department does not have a policy in place addressing murals on exit doors. We had mixed opinions amongst our group. Ontario Fire Code is silent with respect the mural. The flame spread characteristics of the mural at the time of inspection were not available. The following link and info may be of assistance:


Society of Fire Protection Engineers:

Disguised Doors in Health Care
The provisions of 18/ permit doors to have murals that disguise the door might be helpful in dementia units, provided five conditions are met. The door that has a mural must be a door that is permitted to be locked such as the doors for egressing a sleeping unit, including cross-corridor doors and doors to exit stair enclosures.