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Hi All,

Thank you for the quick responses!
The court did not order the work to be done, coles notes version is that the owner had a choice to go to trial or plead guilty and agree to complete the work, apparently the owner sought out legal advice who in turn told the owner that the less costly option would be to plead guilty and complete the work rather than having a lawyer fight a losing battle and bill for it, as well as a probable higher fine etc…

Section 33 of the FPPA is not an option, cost prohibitive. Section 32 is an option we have looked at and considered.

I hadn’t thought of the Part III charges for each individual offence, but that seems to make a lot of sense at this point.

I am still gathering information and will keep you updated as to the outcome, I would suspect that this type of thing may be more frequent in the future.

Side note: We do not have a city solicitor, our Manager of By-law services takes care of our prosecutions right up to trial stage, and sometimes in a trial setting as well.