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Joseph GardinerJoseph Gardiner


This is a tricky one. Not having all of the information, I could surmise that the building has been changed from its original occupancy without a building permit that would have addressed your exit sign issue. I would start by testing your theory with the requirements found in the Ontario Building Code. If you still figure that exit signage is required, I suggest issuing an order under 21 (f). You could write the order two ways; if you are confident of the sign location requirement, you could order the installation of the signs OR write and order to have the building be assessed by a professional (designer-architect-engineer) to determine the appropriate exit signage required by the OBC for that particular occupancy. I would personally go with the second option and would also speak with your Building Department to determine if they have any options for you before proceeding with the order. I hope this helps.

Joe Gardiner