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Scott HardwickScott Hardwick


In Brantford we issue Inspection Orders to Single Family Dwellings for hoarding situations. We use the Clutter Image Rating to provide support to our Inspection Order. http://organizeandmore.net/category/hoarding/

On the Inspection Order we have used the following:

FPPA 21(F)

Appendix A
The reasons for the Order are:
1)Excessive combustible material stored 3 to 5 feet in height thoughtout the single family dwelling, resulting in blocked egress routes and exits,
2)Combustible material situated too close to ignition sources.

Appendix B
1.Stored combustible material shall be kept to maximum height of 750mm (2.5 feet) in all rooms.
2.Egress routes to exits from each room shall be a minimum of 750mm (2.5 feet) in width.
3.Combustible material shall be spaced a minimum of 450mm (18 inches) away from all ignition sources, electrical appliances or fuel fired appliances.

if you have any questions please post them here.

Scott Hardwick