ESA announces Home Electrical Safety Day on October 1st, 2018

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Dear Safety Partner,

As we know all, electricity is a necessity for everyday living, powering our homes, workplaces, schools, and everything in between. But far too many Ontarians overlook the serious risks that come with improper electrical use inside their own households.

On average, 110 kids under 15 end up in the emergency department each year in Ontario  because of an electrical injury such as a shock. More than half of those children are under the age of five. Research  suggests that even low-voltage shocks can have long-term after effects such as numbness, memory loss, anxiety or the feeling of pins and needles. As a self-sustaining, not-for-profit organization mandated by the Ontario government, the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) is Ontario’s electrical safety watchdog. We put Ontarians’ safety first in everything we do and work with our partners and stakeholders on educational campaigns to raise awareness of various electrical safety risks.

This year, we are launching a new initiative focusing on reducing household electrical injuries, culminating with the first annual Home Electrical Safety Day on October 1. This is a day when we ask Ontarians to think about the electrical in their homes and take small actions to make it safer for their families. We’d like your help to share these important messages.

In this package, you will find the following materials for you to share with your communities and remind Ontarians of the dangers of improper household electrical use:

  • Fact sheet – key information about household electrical safety
  • Checklist handout – a list of simple fixes every Ontarian can do to create a safer home
  • Template blog post – customizable article to use for websites or newsletters
  • PSA script – potential script for a public service announcement
  • An infographic created by ESA – creative visual aid featuring key stats and tips to use on social media and online
  • An infographic co-created by ESA and Parachute, a leading child safety organization – creative visual aid to use on social media and online geared toward parents
  • Template social media content – pre-written posts for Twitter and Facebook
  • Educational video, also hosted on YouTube – this video details the surprising consequences of electrical shocks

Please find a dropbox link with all these materials here. We hope you will find this information useful and help us strengthen electrical safety in Ontario by sharing these materials within the communities you serve.

Please contact me if you have any questions!



Saira Husain

Manager, Internal & External Communications

Electrical Safety Authority

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