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    I would like to provide first hand experience with Kidde Model P4010ACLEDSCA Smoke and Strobe. Currently my home has 9 of these. Since 2017 (approx 10 months after moving into new construction) I have experienced 17 false alarms where a device activates then stops after one cycle of beeps (as if the test button was pressed) The red led indicates the alarm that had activated and needs to be reset by pressing the test button.

    Of the 9 devices installed, I have received multiple replacements from Kidde. Some of the new devices have also gone into alarm (rule out the contractors) and they have all been installed in accordance with the established procedures. Kidde has not admitted any fault with their devices, they have indicated the devices need to be ‘blown out with compressed air’ The operating instructions indicate this (or vacuumed) needs to be done once a year. The have all been removed, vacuumed, reinstalled, and tested with each time change.

    The last 6 false activations have seen a newer 2nd generation model sent out by Kidde as a replacement. These are model # P4010ACLEDSCA-2 and the ones I have received have manufacture dates appearing after January 2020. The 2nd generation models have not yet experienced any false alarms.

    One instance while returning home from the fire hall, my portable radio alerted for “alarms activated” at my address. My kids had evacuated and called 911 like they have been trained. My security cameras capture that the alarms stop before the children were at the meeting place.

    Sadly the frequency of false alarms is leading to a complacency when they go off. When I’m home, I sweep the house quickly checking each device. My kids, when alone and the smoke alarms activate , evacuate the house first, pause, and listen. If the devices are continuing to alarm, they call 911. If the devices have stopped they call me.

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