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      Ralph SchmidtRalph Schmidt

      Does anyone have a bylaw or a building practice where a commercial kitchen suppression system must have a visual and audible device attached to the suppression system?

      If so, how did you get the inclusion of BOTH visual and audible to be required parts of the kitchen system? A bylaw change? Under a municipal act?


      Ralph Schmidt

      Cambridge, ON

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      Karin RoskamKarin Roskam

      Hi Ralph,

      It’s in NFPA 96.

      10.6 System Annunciation.
      10.6.1 Upon activation of an automatic fire-extinguishing system,
      an audible alarm or visual indicator shall be provided to
      show that the system has activated.

      A bell can be added for audible and most systems agent canisters have a visual indicator on them showing the extinguishing agent has been discharged.

      Hope this helps.

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      Kevin MeijerinkKevin Meijerink

      I would look further as well to the very beginning of the standard:

      1.3.2 The authority having jurisdiction shall determine compliance
      with this standard and authorize equivalent deviations
      from it in all applications.

      1.5 Equivalency. Nothing in this standard is intended to prevent
      the use of systems, methods, or devices of equivalent or
      superior quality, strength, fire resistance, effectiveness, durability,
      and safety over those prescribed by this standard.

      Looking at this, you could establish a operating guideline between your department and CBO that all new installs going forward require both audible and visual.

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