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      Christopher PaluchChristopher Paluch

      Sooooooo, not necessarily a code thing, but the town just north of us (which we provide first in mutual aid for) is getting ready to YAY or NAY a proposal to let a company install 1,000,000 litres worth of underground propane tanks.


      The site next door (country next door…so like 400 metres) from houses.

      Needless to say this very small town is wondering what our thoughts were…and really I know nothing about it.

      TSSA and the other propane people have said this is how these tanks will be installed moving forward…makes sense to me…

      you cannot BLEVE if you can’t have a fire under the tanks…


      Anybody else ever work through something like this?

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson
      • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

      I recently read about that, can’t remember where the article was though.  I think it said it was first in recent memory in the province but there are a couple others in existence.    Off the top of my head, the setup will be heavily regulated by the TSSA and OBC has a play in it (which actually might just deffer to OFC Pt 4…). Pre plan and  Fire Safety Plan would be critical.

      Sounds quite interesting.

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