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      Martin SaumureMartin Saumure

      Good morning, just looking to see what is out there as far as guidelines or procedures for the taking and handling of pictures for investigation and/or inspection in order to maintain chain of custody.

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      Delbert BlakneyDelbert Blakney
      • City: Kingston
      • Department Name: Kingston Fire & Rescue

      I couldn’t find anything specific however this document may be of interest. https://www.astm.org/Standards/E1188.htm

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      Keith WellsKeith Wells

      When the photos are taken they are entered into our notebooks under the photo log.  This log includes the picture number as identified by the camera the date and time the photograph was taken and a description of the photograph.  Along with the digital pictures being saved to the electronic file, the photos are then printed and labelled and placed in the notebook.  I can send you a copy of both our investigation and inspection notebook if you would like.  Also with digital images; if possible set your camera up to save the image in both raw and jpeg format.  The raw format can show the court the photo has not been modified.

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        Martin SaumureMartin Saumure

        Good day Keith, yes I would like to see your investigation and inspection notebook.  my email is [email protected], thanks.

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      Joseph GardinerJoseph Gardiner
      • City: North Bay
      • Department Name: North Bay Fire & Emergency Services

      Hello Martin,

      North Bay Fire has no OG’s or policies regarding the storage of photographs.

      I don’t think it is necessarily imperative at this point. I have been in court multiple times for part III’s and photographs are my main form of evidence and it has never been an issue.

      However, I mark the time and date the picture was taken, location of the picture, person who took the picture, inspection/investigation number, person who labeled the pictures and finally our service name (North Bay Fire).

      Hope this helps,

      Joe Gardiner

      North Bay

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