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      John WilsonJohn Wilson
      • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

      It’s often talked about how there is no requirement for testing (hydrostatic) of the hose in hose cabinets. (1) and (2) are the only Fire Code references specific to these hoses and it only requires inspection.  While NFPA 25 ‘might’ apply to these, it’s not a permitted Standard like it is for sprinkler systems via but even there it’s only a permitted option, not required like S536 for alarm systems.

      Two of my properties have recently come up where the fire protection company has identified these hoses as needing servicing. When I asked one of the companies what reference the were using to determine that, he came back with NFPA 25 Table F5.2.D which makes no reference to testing requirements. When I read further into NFPA 25, I get to Chapter 6 Standpipe and Hose Systems and particularly Table which says every 5yrs/3yrs that hose is to be tested to NFPA 1962 which includes provisions for hydrostatic testing. So if I followed that path right, IF they are working to NFPA 25, then the hoses shall be tested to NFPA 1962. But there still is nothing obligating them to use NFPA 25.

      Is anyone aware of other Standards that are used for hose cabinets? Has anyone come across hose cabinets that are maintained as per the Fire Code and nothing more?


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      Kevin MeijerinkKevin Meijerink

      The choice exists to inspect test and maintain to NFPA 25, or to and 6.2.3.  If the fire protection company is indicating they are maintaining to NFPA 25, they are required to perform hydrostatic testing on the hose.  If they are maintaining to the prescriptive requirements of the fire code, hydrostatic testing is not required.

      Most of our buildings are maintained to Fire Code requirements

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