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      Kevin DuncanKevin Duncan

      I know its been beaten to death however here we go. Currently in Napanee we have a door to door program where by all suppression staff volunteers and career are involved in. When we gain access and find missing, outdated or non-functioning we replace the alarms that are necessary to comply with Code regulations and invoice for the alarm cost, which is cheaper than store prices. If we respond to an incident and during the call we notice issues with alarms we also will replace/install to comply with regulations. We never charge under the FFPA (Part 1) at these calls. So the issue I have is my Chiefs are looking to possibly scrap the entire program as a cost saving measure. I would like feedback on what other departments are doing and if we are doing too much or are we on track. We completed 700 door knocks last year and installed over $8000.00 in alarms during the program and at incidents. My thoughts are its a lot of work however one life saved or serious injury avoided is worth the work and cost. Thanks for any feedback positive or negative.

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson
      • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

      Hey Kevin,

      You are way ahead of us.

      Chief and I did 30 or so last year (down from our average) and on our annual blitz night crew knocked on 244, entered 129 and installed 42 alarms plus 28 batteries. We’ve never issued a ticket for non-compliance no do we charge for the detectors, we simply do it to make sure they are protected. I’m a supporter of the model you currently use but that’s not in place here.

      Since you already invoice for the devices, where’s the cost savings? Are the crews being paid for their time? Our guys do it on one of the training nights so it is covered there. For the career guys, is it taking away from something else they’d be doing?

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      we too have a door to door program, the number of homes we visit each year varies on the amount of members that participate, but we usually hit around 200-250 homes(i usually plan for around 300-400). we installed roughly $3000 worth of alarms last year, which was thanks to a grant we received. this year we had to drop the number of homes targeted due to not having any grants, and we just cant budget that much money for just alarms.  Additionally we have never charged for the alarms we installed, either during our program or when crews find it on calls. i will however issue a ticket if its found on a call. I’m not sure they can scrap the entire program, as your required to have some kind of smoke alarm program as outlined in PFSG 04-40B-03. i totally agree with the amount of work/life saved issue, and thankfully my chief is on the same page.

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      Denise RoseDenise Rose
      • City: London
      • Department Name: London Fire Department

      In Ottawa we continue with our Wake Up program – where suppression does door to door for 8 days in the Spring and 8 days in the fall. Asking residents to test their Smoke and CO alarms.  If a location does not have a working smoke alarm we will supply one for free, and educate them on their requirements for both smoke and CO alarms.  If during a call to a resident and crews happen to notice that the resident doesn’t have a working smoke alarm they will install one.  We are always looking at ways to modify/update the program.

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