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      Andrew McMillanAndrew McMillan

      I am looking for recommendations on mobile apps being used to track door-to-door smoke alarm programs. We are looking into utilizing a mobile app to track how many homes firefighters attended, compliance, etc.



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      Len PappLen Papp


      Good afternoon.  Not sure what municipality you are with but you may want to speak with your IT department if that is an option for you.

      In St. Catharines we are now using what we call an “AFL inspection portal” that we created with the help of our IT dept.  Crews are now logging in their inspections online.

      Great thing is that it provides us with current up to date data on our program.

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      Hi Andrew,

      I am from the Burlington Fire Department, we did this program last year with full intention to do it again this year but COVID hit, our program is called Steps to Safety. We worked with our GIS group and used Survey 123 for ArcGIS, Collector for ArcGIS and I believe Explorer for ArcGIS.

      I am happy to chat with you if you’d like more information.

      Corry Holloway

      Public Education Officer

      Burlington Fire Department

      [email protected]



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