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      Julien BoisvenueJulien Boisvenue
      • City: Hawkesbury
      • Department Name: Hawkesbury Fire Department

      A retrofit 9.5 was done on a 5-Plex in 2005. The building is being sold. Do I need to do another Retrofit or a simple inspection to make sure no changes were done since? Where do I go from here.

      Thank you!


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      have they asked for another inspection? usually when buildings are sold they only ask for a file search to see if there are any open permits. if they are asking for an inspection, if 9.5 applies to the building then you need to look at all those items again, to me theres no such thing as a “simple inspection” items could have been missed or overlooked last time.

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      Douglas HollandDouglas Holland
      • City: Muskoka Lakes
      • Department Name: Muskoka Lakes Fire Department


      When completing an inspection regardless of whether it is a first time to the property, 20th time or a re-inspection the view should always be the same.  And, in my opinion, unless you were the last person to inspect the property I would not put to much stock in other people’s inspection processes or notes.  Do a complete inspection, prepare your own notes, and take your own photos, and if you have a laundry list of contraventions so be it.

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      Steve FowldsSteve Fowlds

      2005 is a long time ago, even if it was in compliance then,  lots may have changed (or may even have been initially missed).   9.5 would still apply and should be part of your inspection.



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      Len PappLen Papp


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      John WilsonJohn Wilson
      • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

      Agreed with everyone else. Retrofit always applies. Most of my inspections are due to sale. Often a file search request is made, and they are looking for a ‘compliance letter’ (which is a whole other conversation). If they want a current letter, a current inspection needs to be done.

      Big changes were made in the 2007 Code regarding protection of openings adjacent to fire escapes serving more than 2 stories which have gone missed by many.

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