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      Ben TrendleBen Trendle
      • City: Niagara Falls
      • Department Name: Niagara Falls

      Hi Everyone,

      I was wondering if any departments out there have considered or approved requests to remove hose from hose cabinets? We have received several requests with some good rational as to why the hose should be removed. We were hoping to hear from any departments that have considered this in the past. If you have any information or experience to share, please email me at [email protected]

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      Lukasz KasprzykLukasz Kasprzyk

      Hello. This is an Ontario Building Code matter because standpipe and fire hoses are required to be installed by OBC. Ontario Fire Code requires testing and maintenance of both, therefore here in Woodstock we refer building owners to the city’s chief building official to submit an alternative solution for approval. So far two newly constructed buildings have been successful in receiving such alternative solution approval with WFD input. Obviously the alternative solution was stamped by a professional engineer and has been accepted in other municipalities like London Ontario. I can email a copy of the alternative solution which spells out rationale behind permitting removal of hose to you as reference.

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      Len PappLen Papp


      Good morning. Forgot to bring up and reply at our Chapter meeting last week. Yes, for new buildings we have processed I believe 2 or 3 alternative solutions under the OBC for residential high rise in St. Catharines. We provided our comments directly to our Building Dept. who took the lead with the AS. We involved our Training Division to review the AS to ensure that they were on board as they are the end user. Currently, I am in discussions with another institution here in St. Catharines who would like to remove their fire hoses. I have asked them to submit and I would review under.

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      Joseph GardinerJoseph Gardiner
      • City: North Bay
      • Department Name: North Bay Fire & Emergency Services

      Hello Ben,

      North Bay has been tossing around the idea for a couple of years. The hoses are redundant in our full time fire service jurisdiction. However, I do agree it is an OBC matter.

      I will update you if we ever make the leap.

      Joe Gardiner

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      Scott PugsleyScott Pugsley

      The City of Toronto is going to be removing hoses from all city owned buildings very shortly. Ryan Duggan would be a great contact for the details as to why.

      – Scott

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      Carlo ProchiloCarlo Prochilo

      Scott, do you have Ryan’s email? Both the AHJ and CBO here have agreed the hose is not required and have the hose removed upon request and approval by AHJ. Looking to see if anyone has a form they would share. Thanks in advance.

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      Gwen LewisGwen Lewis


      Here is an excerpt of Ottawa Fire’s messaging on hose removal.

      A Fire Prevention Officer will review the draft Fire Safety Plan and conduct a Fire Safety Plan review inspection of the building as per the Ontario Fire Code. This process includes a review of the last 2 years of ALL Fire and Life Safety Systems reports. ( Fire Alarm monitoring, Fire Alarm, Sprinkler, Fire Pump, Standpipe, Fire Extinguisher, Emergency Lighting, Smoke and CO Alarms, Fire Doors, Fire Stopping log, Generator etc).

      If approval is given to remove fire hoses Ottawa Fire Services will issue a Fire Safety Plan approval letter and a separate letter indicating that hoses can be removed. It is then the Building Owners responsibility to distribute the new/revised fire safety plan and inform tenants/occupants that the fire hoses have been removed with OFS permission. With the approval letter the hoses can then be removed from the building and the “FIRE HOSE FOR USE BY TRAINED PERSONS ONLY” signage can be removed from the hose cabinet or reel. A new sign indicating that the “Fire Hoses were removed with permission of Ottawa Fire Services” may be added.

      As the Building owner, it will remain your responsibly to continue to Inspect, Test and Maintain ALL Fire Life Safety systems as per the Ontario Fire Code and the Standpipe system as per NFPA 25 (2014)

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