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      Patrick WaynePatrick Wayne

      Hello everyone,

      This past weekend PFS responded to a neighbor dispute, with one neighbor claiming that the use of the Tiki Torch was violating the Provincial open air burning policy.

      What is your policy regarding the use of Tiki Torches?

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson
      • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

      Hi Patrick,

      We don’t specifically identify them here in Perth. However, our bylaw (and any other that I’ve heard of) speak to solid fuel (ie wood) and liquid fuel devices are excluded. I would consider tiki torches no different than a propane fire table or a citronella candle.

      What department are you from? Unless you are in an MNR district, the local fire service would be the AHJ, not the province.

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      Patrick WaynePatrick Wayne

      Hi Jon,
      Thank you for the info. Peterborough Fire Services doesn’t have a by-law regarding open air fires. As a fire service, we don’t actively “police” them, we attend if a complaint is called in or the size, scope, location, etc…. is of concern.
      I have looked a few policies/by-laws from around the province and the majority of them mirror what you have provided.
      Again thanks for your help.

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      Joseph GardinerJoseph Gardiner
      • City: North Bay
      • Department Name: North Bay Fire & Emergency Services

      Hello Patrick, we don’t have regulations/bylaws regarding the use of these devices. I found a website and an information page from a fire department regarding safety while using them.

      Hopefully this helps,


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