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      just a heads up for people in eastern ontario. there is a local company in eastern ontario that manufactures food trucks and trailers, he is currently manufacturing his own kitchen hoods and they do not meed the requirements of NFPA 96. some of the deficiencies are: 1. no drips trays, 2. welds are not smooth and continuous, 3. large gaps between filter housing and top of hood, 4.screws penetrating hood, 5. non listed filters, and in one case he did not provide a portable “K” extinguisher. 6. the cover plate for the control head will not fasten closed because there is a component preventing it from closing. I recently inspected 3 of these trailers for a fair and all 3 of them had the same problems. i will not post the name, but if you send me an email id be more than happy to provide it to you. earlier this year i inspected one of his locations and he provided a kitchen report where he indicated that the links were replaced and they were not. the report was also not filled out properly, indicating “yes” for “slave operation” when they system did not have a slave system.

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      Tawnya RobertsTawnya Roberts

      Hi  Nicholas- it’s Tawnya. Can you email me the name please so I can keep an eye out on my many travels across the province?




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