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      Kellie KubikKellie Kubik

      Has anyone else dealt with the following issue?

      First Alert/BRK Hardwired Smoke & CO Alarm with Led Strobe and 10-year Sealed Battery – Model # 7030BSLA, SKU#1038873
      These alarms are installed in a 14 block-90 unit townhouse complex, constructed in 2018/2019 in Niagara Falls.
      Since October of 2018, NFFD has responded to at least 25 nuisance calls; alarms/strobes activate for no apparent reason

      • No record of recall on these models, when tested, they activate as required
      • They are hardwired, interconnected with a 10 year sealed battery backup
      • They are wired on the same circuit as the front entrance (front exterior light, foyer light and ½ bathroom light)
      • The alarms stay electrically powered when any of those light switches are turned off
      • The alarm does work on battery power when the breaker is turned off (the strobes do not work when running solely on battery)
      • Depending on the number of bedrooms, each townhouse has a minimum of 5 alarms interconnected
      • There does not appear to be a pattern in time of day, initial device activated, weather conditions, tenant activities, or specific
      block/area of the complex
      • During initial investigation performed by Fire Prevention, other tenants have stated experiencing the same issue, but as there was no
      apparent emergency, did not call the fire department
      • The activated devices are recognizable by the constant red light that remains on until the system is reset
      • ESA has attended with us, and inspected the combination alarms, electrical circuit and wiring, finding no apparent issues

      NFFD has notified Intertek (the listing agency), and received confirmation that Intertek is investigating the concern.

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      Duane BourguignonDuane Bourguignon

      We are dealing with it as well and there must be others.

      Although most of our issues are from the same models as you are experiencing, we are also seeing the Kidde P4010ACLEDSCA-2 models.

      After contacting the local builders/electricians, they tell us they are changing 3-4 a week.

      It was suggested to us that we advice the homeowners to contact Health Canada and report it.

      We did have discussions with BRK and they are saying its anything from drywall dust to dirty electrical circuits (ie..LED lighting, appliances) which we do not believe.

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      Russ MorningstarRuss Morningstar

      This is kind off topic in regards to the issue you are running into but I was wondering if either of you have come across a battery operated combination alarm with strobe? I have a elderly couple hard of hearing in a old farm house if you have any recommendations I would appreciate your feed back

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