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      Roel BusRoel Bus

      As a new CFPO with no existing structure to work with, I am developing a strategic plan for our department. Currently we do conduct business licence inspections (with fees attached), that are being used to enforce the business licence By-law. My goal is to change this, and take control over our work and conduct inspection based on the risk matrix laid out in NFPA 1730. I have contacted a few departments, but thought to throw it on the forum. Do you schedule inspections, do you use NFPA 1730, do you conduct business licence inspections, do you charge for inspections (other than request ones). I truly appreciate everyone’s input.

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      Martin SaumureMartin Saumure

      Good day Sir, we have established a Fire Prevention Policy under our Regulating and Establishing bylaw. The policy includes a frequency of inspection depending on building occupancy. i.e. assembly occupancy are annual, industrial are annual, business and personal services are bi-annual, etc. The frequency was developed following recommendations of our master fire plan.

      We do conduct business license inspection.

      Hopes this helps!

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