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      Christopher PaluchChristopher Paluch

      So we have a fancy pantsy hotel that has a couple of wood burning fireplaces…and right now the hotels only means of disposal is a metal bin beside the hotel…that they then dump in a field they own after a few days.


      I’m not thrilled with it, but I don’t know what else to recommend.  Anybody else deal with something like this?


      The other day one of their employees forgot about the metal bin and tossed the ashes in the dumpster…resulting in a fantastic dumpster fire!

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      John WilsonJohn Wilson
      • Department Name: Perth Fire Services

      Interesting situation. I would consider:

      First: Ashes shall be stored in receptacles that conform to Sentence (3) and combustible materials shall not be stored with ashes in the same receptacle.

      Second: Are they required to have a Fire Safety Plan? If so, it shouldn’t be too hard to add additional provisions under provide for the control of fire hazards in the building. Worth noting is that also includes premises in addition to the building. Also see

      I’d consider stipulating minimum distance between the ‘storage bin’ and any exposures and/or wetting the ashes down. If the ashes are thoroughly wet down, then disposal options are much greater.  With making it part of the Fire Safety Plan, it becomes part of their required training, rather than simply ‘they should know better’. It also gives additional enforcement options for failure to implement provisions of the Fire Safety Plan if you need to go that route.

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